You may find that your project contains so many assets that scanning through the Content Browser to look for an individual asset becomes time-consuming and slows down your productivity. This is where filters come in.

Filters provide a fast way to narrow down the types of assets visible in the Asset View of the Content Browser. Each filter represents either a specific asset type or additional criteria that may be used to limit the types of assets visible in the Content Browser.

Adding Filters

Adding filters is as easy as clicking on the FiltersButton.png button, located at the top of the Asset View in the Content Browser. This will bring up the Filters List, with flyout submenus available in each category. Select each type of filter you want to add it to the Filter Bar, which is only visible when you have one or more active filters.


You may add as many filters to your current Asset View as you like. Filters are additive by nature, meaning that if you start by selecting the Static Mesh filter, you will only see Static Meshes. If you then select the Blueprint filter, you will see Static Meshes and Blueprints. Each filter you add increases the number of available asset types. Keep in mind that you can always see how many assets are currently visible in the lower-left corner of the Asset View.

You can add all filters under a given category of the filters list by selecting the category itself.

Deactivating Filters

Filters can be turned on and off by clicking on them. A deactivated filter has no effect, and will appear grayed out. To turn a filter back on, simply click it again.


In the above image, the Material filter is active while the Skeletal Mesh filter has been deactivated.

Removing Filters

You can remove a filter from the list when you no longer need it. This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Right-click on the filter in the list, and choose Remove Filter from the context menu that appears.


  2. Click on the FiltersButton.png button, and deselect the selected filter by clicking its check box. This will remove those filters from the filters bar.

You can also select and then deselect any category to remove all the filters in that category.

Filters and Multiple Content Browsers

It can be useful to combine the use of filters with multiple Content Browsers. This would, for instance, allow you to have one Content Browser showing only a given asset type, such as Blueprints, while a second Content Browser shows only Static Meshes, as shown here: