Composite Texture

Compositing Properties

There are some additional properties that affect how the Composite Texture modifies the texture's channel.



Composite Texture Mode

Specifies which channel of the texture (R, G, B, or A) the Composite Texture is used to modify.

Composite Power

Determines how much influence the Composite Texture has on the target channel. [1:default, <1 less influence, >1 more influence]

Using the Composited Roughness Map

The Material makes use of the Roughness Map by sampling the Alpha channel of the texture.

You can combine multiple Roughness Textures together in the Material using the Add Material Expression Node.


 Normal Map Only

 With Composited Roughness Map

 Normal Map with PostProcessAA

 Composited Roughness Map with PostProcessAA


This feature only works if the UV layout of your Normal Map and the Roughness Map is the same. Note that this approximates the correct result as the result is Isotropic, meaning any directionality of the Normal Map is not taken into account. Also make sure that you have sufficient space between your UV borders otherwise you could see the wrong content being displayed.