Editing Landscapes

After you have created a Landscape, you can now do any of the following to it:

  • Modify its shape in Sculpt mode.

  • Modify its appearance in Paint mode.

  • Change the size, shape, and type of Brush you use to modify the Landscape's shape and appearance.

  • Modify the size and shape of its components in Manage mode.

  • Copy, paste, import, and export parts of the Landscape's heightmap with Landscape Gizmos.

  • Modify the Landscape's Material.

  • Create Splines for any linear features you want to use in your Landscape.

  • Create holes in your Landscape for features such as caves.

For information about creating Landscapes, see Creating Landscapes.

For a quick reference guide to the various Landscape tool modes and options, see Landscape UI Reference.

For examples of the Landscape tool in action, see the Landscapes Content Examples.

The Landscape Tools also work in the VR Editor. For the controls for using Landscape in VR, see the VR Mode Controls.