The Smooth tool will soften the heightmaps painted values to give it a smoother flow and appearance by getting rid of jagged artifacts that can sometimes happen after using the Sculpting or Erosion tools.

Using the Smooth Tool

In this example, the Smooth tool is used to soften some of the harder edge artifacts that can happen when using the various Landscape tools.

Use the following controls to sculpt your Landscape heightmap:



Left Mouse Button

Smoothens and softens the heightmap or selected layer's weight.

Before Smoothing

After Smoothing

The brush strength determines the amount of smoothing that can happen when using the Smooth tool.

Tool Settings

Landscape_Smooth.png SmoothToolProperties.png



Tool Strength

Controls how much smoothing occurs with each brush stroke.

Filter Kernel Scale

Sets the scale multiplier for the smoothing filter kernel for the radius that smoothing will be performed over. Higher values smooth out bigger details, while lower values only smooth out smaller details.

Detail Smooth

If checked, performs a detail-preserving smoothing using the specified detail-smoothing value. Larger-detail smoothing values remove more details, while smaller values preserve more details.