Gameplay Guide

Basic Gameplay Concepts

These pages will introduce you to key Unreal terms. To add new types of gameplay objects, you will generally create a new class. A class is a template, or collection of rules, for your new object, so that you can create as many copies as you need, each containing properties and behavior that you set in the template.


In Unreal Engine 4, there are a number of classes that come with preset behavior to help you get started with your game. Read more about these building blocks and how they work together in the framework overview or quick reference, or jump straight to a particular class page for more information.

Gameplay Elements

Although each game may have different characters, rules, and visual styles, there are some core elements that are more universal. From input to saving, find overviews of these topics and example setups in C++ and/or Blueprints here.

Gameplay Tools

Gameplay How To's

This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to generate some of the most common gameplay scenarios. Whether it is how to spawn enemies or pick-ups in your game, change camera angles, or set up player inputs; these pages provide example setups for you in both Blueprints and C++.