2. Creating a New Material Instance

You have a custom pistol, but it still behaves like the default pistol. When thrown, it has a "dissolve" effect that is blue. Since our pistol is going to explode, a red effect would make more sense. To set that up, you need a new Material Instance of the "dissolving" material used by the Pistol.


  1. Search for MI_Pistol_Dissolve in the Content Browser using the search box. image alt text
  2. Right-Click the asset and choose Create Material Instance to create a new Material Instance based off MI_Pistol_Dissolve. image alt text
  3. Drag the new Material Instance to the GrenadeGun Content folder. Choose Move Here when you release the mouse button to move it to that location. image alt text
  4. Press F2 to rename the Material Instance and enter GrenadeGun_Dissolve_MI as the new name. image alt text
  5. Double-Click the GrenadeGun_Dissolve_MI to edit it in the Material Instance Editor. image alt text
  6. Click the checkbox next to the Dissolve parameter to enable overriding it. Set the value of the Dissolve parameter to a value in the range of -0.2 to 0.33 - the value you use will depend on the preview shape you are currently using in the Preview viewport - to cause the dissolve effect to be visible.
  7. Click the checkbox next to the DissolveBurnColor parameter to enable overriding it. This parameter controls the color used for the dissolve effect. image alt text
  8. Click the colored bar to summon the Color Picker and set it to a red-ish color. Here we've used the values of: (2.0, 0.23705, 0.0032819, 15000.0) image alt text You can also enter the R, G, and B values directly in the Details panel by expanding the DissolveBurnColor parameter to expose the individual values.

    image alt text
  9. In the Material Instance Editor toolbar, Click the checkbox next to the Dissolve parameter again to disable it since we were just using that for preview purposes.
  10. Click the Save button to preserve your changes


You now have a version of the dissolve Material with a red effect instead of the default blue effect.

image alt text