2. Create a New Mod

In this step, you'll be creating a new mod. While some of this is open ended (Do you want to make a new Robot? A new Gun? Level?), this is the first thing that needs to be done before you start modding Robo Recall.


  1. Click the Create Mod button on the Toolbar.

  2. Select the type of mod you wish to create.

    You can multiselect in this dialog to create multiple assets at the same time. Feel free to add any other weapons, bots, etc… by Ctrl Clicking the assets you want to create in your mod.

  3. Enter a new mod name, in this case, we've chosen GrenadeGun.

  4. You can also fill out the Author and Description fields, and this data will show in the Mod menu in the game. If you'd like to change this later, you can do so by accessing your mod through the Editor's Edit -> Plugins menu.

  5. Click the Create Mod button to generate your mod files.

  6. Wait while the Robo Recall Editor creates your new mod structure, a popup tells you when it has completed.

  7. Your new mod is automatically focused in the Content Browser.

  8. Double click the Blueprints folder, then the Weapons folder to find your weapon Blueprints.


With your new mod structure setup you can now start creating your mod. Now, just because you started with one mod type doesn't limit you to just modifying the couple of assets you'll find in your mod's Content Folder. You can modify any number of assets from Robo Recall and have them exist in one mod.

Just remember, that any new assets you import need to go into your mod's Content Folder. If you put them elsewhere, they will fail to package!