Android On Linux Quick Start

DeployedAndroidGame_Linux.png At the end of this tutorial, you'll create, deploy, and package a game onto your Android device from Linux on Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

If you're a developer looking to create and distribute games on Android devices from Linux; you've landed on the right page.


This guide teaches you how to configure an Android device with UE4 on Linux, ultimately showing you how to deploy and package mobile games on Android from Linux.


After working through this tutorial, you'll know the following:

  • How to install and set up the Android SDK for mobile game development with UE4 on Linux.

  • How to enable an Android's development environment.

  • How to create an Android mobile game project in UE4.

  • How to deploy a level onto your Android device from UE4.

  • How to package your mobile game for distribution (release).


Thanks to our community of talented contributors, we've successfully added Android support for Linux on UE4.