Here we talk about the GameInstance Class Blueprint and why it is so important in networked games. We hop into the GameInstance and start scripting out the functionality for displaying our Main Menu and its options. We start implementing some of our first Blueprint Session nodes such as the Create Session, Join Session and Destroy Session as well as some of the Error Events and Error Handling nodes. We wrap by assigning our GameInstance inside the Project Settings to replace the engine default GameInstance.

(00:09) - Intro
(00:44) - Main Menu
(04:24) - Host Game Menu
(05:54) - Server Menu
(07:02) - Options Menu
(08:31) - Launch Lobby
(10:40) - Replication
(11:37) - Show Loading Screen
(12:07) - Create Session
(13:37) - Creating a macro
(15:14) - Joining a Match
(17:24) - Error Handling
(19:46) - Network Errors and Travel Errors
(24:18) - Destroy Session
(25:53) - Inside the Level Blueprint