In this video, we create our project and go through the process of importing the characters that we will be using for the series. We set up our folder structure and create some of assets that we will be working with throughout the series. We also do a little bit of animation retargeting for the characters that we will be using in an attempt to get most of the prep work out of the way.

(00:09) - Intro and New Project
(01:31) - Importing assets from the Marketplace
(04:06) - Creating assets
(06:17) - Inside the Characters folder
(07:45) - Creating child Blueprints
(09:19) - Inside the Gameplay folder
(11:14) - Player Starts and creating the arenas
(12:51) - Creating the Lobby, Travel and MainMenu maps
(14:53) - Creating the UI assets
(17:58) - Inside the Project Settings
(19:02) - Setting up the Animation Blueprint
(21:00) - Cleaning up
(22:21) - Updating the Skeletal Meshes
(24:56) - Recap