Fortnite Critical Bug Process

How to deal with critical bugs


When a priority 0 or 1 bug is reported by QA, either from smoketest/promotion blocker emails or from direct TTP assignment, follow these steps:

  1. If the bug was reported by email, claim the bug by replying to the original thread saying that you have it, and assign the bug to yourself. If someone else has claimed it let them handle it, otherwise you should claim it if you have a theory about the cause or are tasked with watching stability.

  2. Look at the bug and look for a trivial solution, especially for things like crashes with stacks. Remember to check the changelist version of the bug so you can get the line numbers to line up correctly to the callstack. If you find a trivial solution, apply it and skip to the last step

  3. If the cause of the bug is not obvious, work to repro the issue as quickly as possible. See if it repros on a development build. If not you will have to repro it on a production build:

    • Acquire the build that is breaking from Steam or from UnrealProp. Then, run the "UE4\FortniteGame\Binaries\win32\FortniteGame.exe -pak" and attach to it with the debugger.

    • If you need to attach at startup, the easiest way to do that is to modify the properties of one of your projects to point to the location of the correct executable. You can change the Output line in the NMake section to point to it, then launch that project from the debugger.

    • If that does not work or you want to test a more complicated issue, you can follow the Fortnite Cook Procedure instructions to cook and test your production build locally, but this will take around half an hour.

  4. Once you have reprod the issue and have a good understanding, either fix the issue yourself or assign the TTP to someone else to look at. For a critical bug, you are encouraged to enlist the help of anyone else on the team or on engine who may help.

  5. Whoever fixes the critical bug must close the TTP with a valid changelist, and reply to any emails that pointed out the issue. This lets QA know that the issue has been resolved and that they should start a new build.

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