3D Text

Guide to placing 3D Text in Unreal Editor.


Add high-resolution 3D Text to your Level using the geometry-based Text 3D Actor. Use 3D Text objects in any project where you need to show clean, high-quality text in the virtual world, such as live broadcasts and virtual sets.

You can also use the Sequencer Editor to animate your 3D text objects, creating motion graphics directly inside the Unreal Editor.

Enabling the 3D Text Plugin

To use 3D Text, you must first enable the Text 3D Plugin.

  1. In the Main Menu Bar, select Edit > Plugins.

  2. From the Text tab, enable Text 3D.
    You'll be warned that the Plugin is in an experimental state. Click Yes.

  3. Click Restart Now to use the plugin in your project.

  4. If you have made changes to your project, a window opens where you can save your work before restarting.

Placing 3D Text in Your Level

  1. In the Modes panel, select All Classes, then Text 3D.

  2. Drag and drop the Text 3D Actor into the level.

  3. In the viewport, select the Text 3D Actor to view its parameters in the Details panel.


The following options are available in the 3D Text section of the Details Panel to control the way your 3D text appears.




Enter the text used to create the 3D Text geometry.

Press Shift+Enter to create a line break.


Set the depth of the geometry: how thick the letters are from front to back.


Set the size of the bevel along the edges of the characters.

Bevel Type

Set the type of edge bevel: Linear for a sharp, flat bevel, or Half Circle for a rounded edge.

Half Circle Segments

Set the number of segments used to create the curve for the Half Circle bevel.

Front Material

Select the Material to use for shading the front surface of the letters.

Bevel Material

Select the Material to use for shading the surface of the bevel.

Extrude Material

Select the Material to use for shading the sides of the letters.

Back Material

Select the Material to use for shading the back of the letters.


Select the True Type (TTF) or Open Type (OTF) font Asset you want to use for the letters.

For more information about getting fonts into your Unreal Engine project, see Importing Fonts .

Horizontal Alignment

Align horizontal text to the Left, Center or Right with respect to the position of the Actor in 3D space.

Vertical Alignment

Align the text vertically to put the Top Line, Top, Bottom or Center of the letters at the position of the Actor in 3D space.


Set additional space between each character.

Line Spacing

Set additional space between each line.

Word Spacing

Set additional space between each word.

Max Width

Set the maximum width of the text.

Max Height

Set the maximum height of the text.

Scale Proportionally

Locks the height and width of the letters to their current ratio. When enabled, any change to either the height or width of the letters applies to both.

Select Skin

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