Web Remote Control

Work with your Unreal Engine Project remotely from a web client.


Unreal Editor offers a powerful set of tools for working with nearly every aspect of your Project's content. However, in some situations, using the Engine successfully as part of a larger content editing process requires making changes in the Project from outside the Editor UI. For example, broadcast TV and film productions need to offer operators easy and rapid control over a limited set of common capabilities, which they need to access through a custom UI that integrates with other software they use in the pipeline.

The Web Remote Control system makes this possible by running a web server inside the Unreal Engine that services HTTP requests made by remote web applications through a REST-like API.

In the right scenario, this offers several benefits:

  • You can create entirely new UIs that interact with Project content, focusing on the objects and properties that have meaning for your specific use case.

  • You can integrate these custom UIs with third-party applications you already use, or as a part of other web apps that you create for your organization.

  • You can operate the Engine remotely, from a different computer or mobile device that is connected to the same network as the computer running Unreal.

What Can It Do

This release of the Web Remote Control offers a similar level of control over the Unreal Editor and the Project Content to what you have when working in Blueprint and Python.

  • Your web application can call any function that is exposed to Blueprint and Python.

  • Your web application can read and write the values of any properties exposed to Blueprint and Python.

With some ingenuity and web development skill, you use these relatively simple building blocks as a basis for constructing your own rich editing tools.

The current release of the Web Remote Control should be considered Beta. While it is currently in use in real virtual production and broadcast workflows, it may change in upcoming releases in response to customer feedback. We hope to add to its current capabilities, provide better samples to get you started, and make it easier for you to determine object paths, function names, and parameter names.

Getting Started


The API exposed by the Web Remote Control system is REST-like in that you interact with it through HTTP requests and responses that carry JSON payloads. However, to be technically RESTful an API should support multiple HTTP verbs (for example, POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE) to signify applying different actions in a CRUD pattern (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) to the resources defined in the JSON payloads. The Web Remote Control API for the moment uses PUT requests exclusively for all interactions with the Unreal Engine.

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