Working with Bookmarks in the Collab Viewer Template

Describes how to place Bookmarks in your Level to provide pre-set points of view, and how to assign those Bookmarks to hotkeys.


The Collab Viewer offers a built-in type of Blueprint Asset called a BP_Bookmark, which you can use to set up predetermined locations and camera views in your Level. Users can easily teleport to these predetermined locations at runtime.

This page explains how to place new Bookmarks into your Level, and how to set up hotkeys that teleport the user between different Bookmarks when they press number keys on the keyboard.

Placing a Bookmark

You can place new Bookmarks anywhere in your Level. However, it's best to make sure that each new Bookmark is:

Otherwise, if the user is in Walk mode or in VR, they may fall to the ground or through the ground after the teleport.


To place a Bookmark:

  1. Each Bookmark is represented in the Level by an instance of the BP_Bookmark Blueprint class. You'll find this class in the CollaborativeViewer/Blueprints/Commands/Bookmark folder of the Content Browser.
    BP_Bookmark Asset

  2. To set up a new Bookmark, drag the BP_Bookmark from the Content Browser into your Level.
    Drag a Bookmark into the Level

  3. Select the Bookmark Actor in the Viewport or the World Outliner and move it to the position and rotation that you want it in the Level.

    Make sure you're moving the Bookmark Actor, and not just its child Camera Component.

    Piloting the Actor is a fast and easy way to set its viewpoint the way you want it. See Pilot Actors in the Viewport .

  4. In the Details panel, find the Hotkey setting in the ~ Bookmarks section, and set the hotkey that you want to assign to the new Bookmark.
    You can enter the number you want to assign directly in the Hotkey field, or use the Assign Unused Hotkey button to assign the Bookmark the lowest available numeric key.
    BP_Bookmark Hotkey setting

End Result

Users who join the session in desktop mode can teleport to your bookmark location by pressing the hotkey you assigned, by using the Bookmarks menu in the toolbar, or by using the Bookmark item in the Interaction Menu.

See also Interacting with the Collab Viewer Template .

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