Saving a Session

Describes how to save a session, including Annotations, Measurements, and transparency


In desktop mode you can save the the following aspects of the current state of the collaborative view:

  • The current position and rotation of actors other than the participants

  • Measurements

  • Annotations

  • Items that have been made transparent by Xray stay transparent

Saving a Session

To save your session, select the Save button, type a name for the session, and then press Enter.

"Saving a session"

Loading a Session

To load a saved session, select the menu next to the Save button, and then select a session. The list of sessions includes those you have saved, as well as those saved by any other participants who are currently connected.

How Sessions are Saved and Restored

Each participant saves the session in their own local copy of the collaborative view package. Sessions are saved in the YourProjectName/Saved/SaveGames sub-folder.

Your current position and rotation is not saved.

You cannot modify a saved session or use the name of an existing saved session.

You cannot save and restore sessions while in VR mode.

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