A commandline tool for generating vector line graphs from comma-separated value files.


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CSVToSVG is a commandline tool that can be used to make scalable vector graphics (SVG) line or stacked graphs from comma-separated value (CSV) files. It can graph any numerical stat, including multiple stats in a single CSV or a single stat across multiple CSVs or a directory of CSVs, with support for smoothing and budget lines. The data can be generated by either the StartFPSChart and StopFPSChart commands or using the CSV Profiler .


The CSVToSVG executable can be found in the following location:


The source files can be found here:


Required arguments



-csvs [list] OR -csvDir [path]

Specifies a list of CSVs separated by spaces, or a directory.

-o [svgFilename]

Sets the filename for the SVG output.

-stats [stat names]

Specifies a list of stats. This can use wildcards. For example: -stats renderthread/*

Multiple stats are not supported when comparing multiple csvs.

Optional arguments



-skipRows [n]

Skips a specified number of rows in the CSV. This is useful for CSV file sgenerated from the FPSChartStart command, where there's a 4-row summary at the top.

-minX [value] -maxX [value] -minY [value] -maxY [value]

Clamps the X and Y range of the source data.


Smooth the graph.

-smoothKernelSize [numFrames]

Specifies the smoothing kernel size in column entries to use.

-smoothKernelPercent [percentage]

Specifies the smoothing kernel size as a percentage of the graph length.

-legend [list]

Override the legend, otherwise this will be computed automatically.

-width [value] -height [value]

Specifies the width and height of the image.

-title [name]

Sets the title for the graph.



Render just the graph, no borders.

-budget [ms]

Sets the budget line. Default is 33.3.

-thickness [multipler]

Sets the line thickness of the graph.

-theme [dark/light]

-showEvents [names]

Draws event markers for the specified events, if the CSV has an events column. This can include wildcards.

-threshold [value]

Ignores stats which are entirely under this threshold.


Makes a stacked graph for cumulative stats.

-stacktotalstack [stat name]

Specifies the total stat. Valid for stacked graphs only.

-ignoreStats [list]

Specifies a list of stats to ignore. This can include wildcards.


Adds an interactive frame marker.

-colourOffset [value]

Rotates the colours.

-averageThreshold [value]

Ignores stats whose average is under this threshold.

-maxHierarchyDepth [depth]

When using stats with hierarchy, such as renderthread/initviews, specifies a max depth to traverse.

-hierarchySeparator [character]

Specifies a separator character for heirarchies (e.g "/").

-hideStatPrefix [string]

Hides a prefix from the legend when displaying stats, e.g "gpu/".

-compression [pixel error value]

Enables lossy compression for SVG data.


Shows stat averages next to the legend and sorts the stats in the legend high to low by average value.

-hideEventNames [1/0]

-showAllEventNames [1/0]

-highlightEventRegions [startEventName,endEventName]

Event controls (see -showevents).

-discardLastFrame [1/0]

Discards the final frame of data which is often invalid. On (1) by default.

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