Blueprint Editor Cheat Sheet

The Blueprint Editor has a lot of productivity boosting shortcuts built-in, and while many will come naturally as you use the editor, others are a little bit hidden. This page covers the most commonly used actions and the shortcuts that can be used to perform those actions more efficiently. You can also download this list of shortcuts below.

Click to download: Color Version | Black/White Version

Graph Actions


Action Command
Graph Action Menu Right-Click on a Graph



Action Command
Select Node Click on a Node
Add to Selection Shift + Click on a Node
Toggle Selection Ctrl + Click on a Node
Marquee Select (Replace) Left Mouse Button (LMB) Drag
Marquee Select (Add) Shift + LMB Drag
Marquee Select (Remove) Ctrl + LMB Drag


Action Command
Pan the Graph RMB Drag
Zoom to fit Selection Home
Zoom In/Out Mouse Wheel Up/Down
Zoom In/Out Hold LMB + RMB and Drag
Zoom In Beyond 1:1 Ctrl + Zoom
Go into Child Graph PageDn
Go to Parent Graph PageUp

Generic Commands


Action Command
Find in Content Browser Ctrl + B
Save Blueprint Ctrl + S
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Find in this Blueprint Ctrl + F
Find in any Blueprint Ctrl + Shift + F
Compile the Blueprint F7

Variable Actions (My Blueprint)


Action Command
Get/Set as appropriate LMB Drag to Compatible Pin
Get/Set (via Menu) LMB Drag into Graph
Get Variable Ctrl + LMB Drag into Graph
Set Variable Alt + LMB Drag into Graph
Change Existing Node LMB Drag to edge of Get/Set
Change Category/Reorder LMB Drag inside My Blueprint

Node Actions


Action Command
Node-specific Context Menu Right-Click on a Node
Go to Associated Node/Graph Double Left-Click on a Node
Move Nodes LMB Drag on a Node
Move Selected Nodes Arrow Keys
Delete Selected Nodes Delete
Rename Node/Edit Comment Left-Click on the Title
Rename Node/Edit Comment F2
Toggle Breakpoint F9
Clear All Breakpoints Ctrl + Shift + F9
Cut Selection Ctrl + X
Copy Selection Ctrl + C
Paste Nodes Ctrl + V
Duplicate Selection Ctrl + W
Add a Comment Around Selection C

Pin Actions


Action Command
Pin-specific Context Menu Right-Click on Pin
Emphasize Connected Wires Mouse Hover over Pin
Connect to Another Pin Left-Click + Drag to Pin
Filtered Action Menu for Pin Left-Click + Drag to graph
Break All Connections Alt + Left-Click on Pin
Move All Connections Ctrl + LMB Drag to Pin

Creation Shortcuts


Action Command
Array Get Node A + Left-Click
Branch Node B + Left-Click
Comment Box Node C
Delay Node D + Left-Click
Sequence Node S + Left-Click
Gate Node G + Left-Click
For-Each Loop Node F + Left-Click
Multi-gate Node M + Left-Click
Do N Times Node N + Left-Click
Do Once Node O + Left-Click
BeginPlay Event P + Left-Click