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1.3 - Importing Textures

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  1. Navigating to the 'QuickStartContent' folder in the Editor, click the Content Browser's Import button to open a file dialog box.


  2. Locate and select the T_Rock_04_D and T_Rock_04_n Targa (TGA) image files.


  3. Click Open to begin importing the TGA image files to your project.

  4. A confirmation box appears in the lower right corner of the Unreal Editor.


  5. Click OK to accept the T_Rock_04_n.TGA normal map's settings.

  6. Click the Save All button to save your imported images.


  7. A Save Content dialog box appears.


  8. Click Save Selected to save your imported assets.

  9. Navigating to the 'QuickStartContent' folder, verify that UE4 created the corresponding *.uasset files .


The Marketplace (accessible from the 'Epic Launcher') is a great place to find and share content.