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Unreal Engine VR Editor

The VR Editor enables you to design and build worlds in a virtual reality environment using the full capabilities of the editor toolset combined with interaction models designed specifically for VR world building.

Working directly in VR provides the proper sense of scale necessary to create realistic, believable worlds, while the use of motion controllers means you can build environments with natural motions and interactions.


In order to use Unreal Editor in VR mode, your development environment must meet the following specifications:

Hardware Requirements
PC Hardware Minimum for your VR hardware
Supported VR Hardware
  • Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers

  • HTC Vive with controllers

Motion controllers are currently required for the VR Editor. You cannot use this with a headset alone.

Software Requirements
Operating System Windows 7/8 64-bit
  • For Oculus Rift: Oculus Runtime version 1.3 or later

  • For HTC Vive: SteamVR

Video Drivers Make sure you have the very latest video drivers installed. Some HMD features require latest drivers.

Getting Started