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Activating VR Mode

As of Unreal Engine 4.12, VR Editing Mode is included with the version of the engine available through the Epic Games Launcher. You can also get the most up-to-date build from GitHub .

  1. After the editor loads, click File > New and open up our new "VR-Basic" level. This environment is a good playground for you to learn the controls.


  2. In the Editor Preferences (Edit > Editor Preferences), select the Experimental category and choose Enable VR Editing.

  3. To get into VR, click the VR button on the editor's main tool bar to activate VR Mode. Assuming your tracking space is properly calibrated, you should see a Tutorial window floating in front of you with some help.


    You can start directly into VR Mode by passing -VREditor on the command-line to UE4Editor.exe.

  4. To use the tutorial, position the Controller over the section you want to read then squeeze the Controller trigger to open that section.

At any time you can press the Home button to return to this menu and then select another help section.

Automatic VR Editing Mode

As of 4.13, you can also enter VR Editing Mode automatically. As long as the editor is in the foreground and VR Editing mode is enabled, when you wear the HMD, you will automatically enter VR editing mode. When you remove the HMD, you will leave it.

To enable/disable VR Editing Mode Auto-Entry:

  1. In the Edit menu, click on Editor Preferences to view the Unreal Editor options.


  2. Under the General heading, select the Experimental section and locate the VR category which contains the VR Editor options.


  3. Toggle the Enable VR Mode Auto-Entry option to disable or enable the auto-entry functionality.