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Setting Up VR Editor from GitHub

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VR Editor is a preview feature for an upcoming release of Unreal Engine. We've put the source code online early so you can try it out and give us feedback!

If you'd like, you can visit the Unreal Engine forums and send us feedback in the Unreal Editor in VR thread.

It's easy to download the source code and get the VR Editor up and running, but there are a few steps that you'll need to perform first.

Get the VR Editor Source Code

  1. Login to GitHub and make sure your account is linked to your Epic Games account. You can find information about that on the Unreal Engine 4 GitHub Page .

  2. Navigate to the Unreal Engine source repository on GitHub

  3. Switch to the "dev-vr-Editor" branch using the drop down.

  4. Follow the instructions about Getting Up and Running . You'll be downloading the Unreal Engine source for the VR Editor, along with installing prerequisites. You'll also need to have the free version of Visual Studio 2015 installed.

Compile Unreal Engine with VR Editor

  1. Compile the engine normally as per the setup instructions on GitHub.

  2. Run the editor!

  3. Execute the following file to start the editor:


If VR Mode fails to activate, check the Output Log window and look for "HMD" diagnostic messages.