Matinee How-To's

The Matinee - How-To... pages will show you how you can set up simple scenarios using Matinee in a step-by-step process with images and instructions.

Refer to the table below for more information and click each link to view its contents.

How To... Description
Setting Up a Door Setting up a door that opens/closes automatically through Matinee.
Setting Up Lifts Create two types of lifts that move from point A to point B automatically.
Using Multiple Cameras This scene shows how to switch between multiple cameras and apply camera movement.
Using Camera Effects A simple scene that fades in-and-out, uses multiple FOV angles and Post Process Effects.
Adjusting Lights Light Color, Brightness and other Light Settings are adjusted in this scene.
Animating Materials The Material of an Actor changes colors when the player is near and another Actor's Material blinks.
Playing Animations and Sounds How to animate a Skeletal Mesh jumping onto a platform and applying sounds in Matinee.
Triggering Events and Toggle Visibility Using Events and Visibility, how to create a rock that explodes after a countdown.