Ansel Capture Testing

To test the Nvidia Ansel Photography Plugin with your game:

  1. Run the NvCameraConfiguration.exe application and ensure that NvCamera Status is set to Enable, which is the default.

    C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\NvCameraConfiguration.exe
  2. Run the NvCameraEnable.exe application passing it whitelisting-everything to allow your game to use Ansel. This persists across reboots and may be reset by typing whitelisting-default in place of whitelisting-everything.

    "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\NvCameraEnable.exe" whitelisting-everything
  3. In Unreal Editor, select Play > Standalone Game in the Level Editor toolbar to run as a Standalone Game. Ansel will not activate when playing in the Editor.

  4. Press Alt + F2 to activate Ansel photography in the game. When a Session has been successfully started, the game world pauses and the Ansel UI will appear over the game view.


    Ansel will not activate while VR or Split-screen are active in the game

    In Editor builds, F2 is the keybinding that switches to Unlit rendering mode. To restore the more photo-friendly Lit mode, press F3.

  5. Select a capture type using the Capture type slider.

  6. Press the Snap button.

    Some pictures may take significant time to produce, especially highres shots of large dimensions. If the game uses streaming the streaming performance may be affected when shots involving many parts are being stitched together.

In-Game Controls

Keyboard / Mouse Gamepad Description

Camera Movement

W Left Analog Stick Up Moves the Camera forward
A Left Joystick Left Moves the Camera left
S Left Joystick Down Moves the Camera backward
D Left Joystick Right Moves the Camera right
X Left Trigger Moves the Camera up
Y Right Trigger Moves the Camera down
Shift (Hold) Right Analog Stick (Press) Accelerates Camera movement speed

Camera Movement

Left-Click + Move Mouse Right Analog Stick Rotates the Camera (yaw and pitch)