Particle Emitter Class

A ParticleEmitter is a single particle effect that can be held in a ParticleSystem. The ParticleEmitter class contains the following public variables:

Properties Description
EmitterName The name of the emitter.
Emitter Render Mode The method to use when rendering the emitter's particles.
Mode Description
ERM_Normal Renders the emitter's particles as intended, e.g., as sprites, meshes, etc.
ERM_Point Renders the emitter's particles as a 2x2 pixel block with no scaling and using the Emitter Editor Color.
ERM_Cross Renders the emitter's particles as a cross of lines scaled according to any size modules and using the Emitter Editor Color.
ERM_None The emitter's particles are not rendered.
Emitter Editor Color The color of the ParticleEmitter block when collapsed as well as in the Curve Editor and debug rendering modes.
InitialAllocationCount This value allows for the user to declare the number of particles that should be allocated at initialization of the emitter. If it is 0, the calculated peak count is used. (Since the calculated value can result in a higher than required count, this parameter is supplied to allow tighter memory control.)
Medium Detail Spawn Rate Scale This value is used to scale down the spawn rate of the emitter when the engine is running in medium or low detail mode. This can be used to optimize particle draw cost in splitscreen mode. A value of 0 effectively disables the emitter when not in high detail mode. This does not affect Spawn Per Unit, unless the value is 0.
Collapsed If true, the ParticleEmitter will appear collapsed in the Emitter List in Cascade. Double-clicking the ParticleEmitter block toggles this property.