Animation & Animation Blending

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When creating cinematic sequences, there may be times where you want to have a character in your scene move around or perform some kind of animation. In Sequencer, this can be done by adding a Skeletal Mesh Actor to a Level Sequence then adding an Animation sub-track and specifying the animation that you want the Actor to perform. Repeating this process and adding different kinds of animations for your Actor to perform is what can bring your characters to life in your cinematic sequences!

Here in this guide, we will create a small scene that has a character start out walking and blend from a walk into a jump animation.


For this how-to, we are using the Blueprint Third Person Template project with Starter Content Enabled.

  1. Inside your project, from the Main Toolbar, click the Cinematics button and Add Level Sequence.


  2. In the Content Browser under Content/Mannequin/Character/Mesh, drag the SK_Mannequin into the level.


  3. With the SK_Mannequin asset still selected, click the Add button in Sequencer to add it to your Level Sequence.


  4. Click the Animation button on the new Skeletal Mesh Track and assign the ThirdPersonWalk animation.


  5. Expand Animation, then drag the Timeline to the 30 frame mark.


  6. Click the Animation button again and add the ThirdPersonJump_Start animation.


    If you play the animation now, you may notice a pop between the two animations.

    When adding animations, you can use the weight value to blend between multiple animations, which is how we will address the pop between animations.

  7. Drag the ThirdPersonJump_Start animation below and under the walk animation, back to frame 25 of the sequence.


  8. Expand both sub-animation tracks and click the add key button on the walk track with a value of 1.0 and 0.0 for the jump start animation.


    This will effectively turn off the playback of the jump start animation since its weighted value is 0.0.

  9. Scrub to frame 30 and add keys for both animations of 0.0 and 1.0 for the walk and jump animations, respectively.


    This will effectively blend in the jump start animation and blend out the walk animation.

  10. Click the Preview Play button to see the animation blending.

End Result

Your sequence now includes a Skeletal Mesh with multiple animations which blend together smoothly instead of popping between animations.

You could continue with this example by adding in the jump loop and jump end animations and blend them in so the character jumps and lands.