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4 - Your Second Shot

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Now that you have completed your first shot, let's take what we have learned and create another!

This time we will push the camera in from the front of our character in on their face.


  1. In the Content Browser, select the Shot01 Level Sequence and press Shift+W to duplicate it.


    Shot01 already has most of the existing content we want to use in the second shot.

  2. Inside Shot02, delete the existing CineCameraActor and click the Add Camera button to automatically assign it on the Camera Cuts track and enter the camera in Pilot Mode.


  3. Move the camera around to the front of the Skeletal Mesh Actor in the level.


    The name of your CineCameraActor may differ from above which is perfectly fine.

  4. Select the CineCameraActor track in Sequencer and press S to add a keyframe the Camera's Transform.


  5. In the Details panel for the camera, use the Eye Dropper to focus in on the character. Add a keyframe.


    Your value might be different from above based on where you placed the camera.

  6. Click the To End button in the Cinematic Preview to jump to the end of the Sequence.

  7. Move the camera in on the character then add a keyframe (S) for the position.


  8. In the Details panel for the camera, use the Eye Dropper to focus in on the character. Add a keyframe. You should have keyframes at the start for the initial position and focus value as well as at the end.


  9. Click the Camera Lock toggle button on the Camera Cuts track to enable the Cinematic Preview.


End Result

We have set up our second shot of our sequence where the camera starts from far away and pushes in on the character.

In our next step, we tie our shots together using the Shot Track in our Master Level Sequence. We also create a Take (or variation) of one of our shots that we can quickly swap in or out. You will see how we can arrange the order of shots in our scene as we get a little bit closer to finishing our sample scene.