Developer Tools


The Developer Tools provide you with several information gathering tools such as debuggers, analyzers, profilers, and more. Using these tools can help in your optimization efforts or to diagnose aspects of your project, code or content that may not be performing as expected.

You can access the Developer Tools from the File Menu under Window and Developer Tools.


The Developer Tools are broken up into three categories:

  • Debug - which houses debugging tools.

  • Log - which contains the Message and Output Log windows.

  • Miscellaneous - which includes loggers, mangers, profiles and others.

See the table below for more information and links to additional pages.

Tools Available

Option Description
Blueprint Debugger Opens the Blueprint Debugger . Allows you to step through any graph of a Blueprint or Level Blueprint through the use of Breakpoints.
Collision Analyzer Opens the Collision Analyzer tool.
Debug Tools Show the Debug Tools panel, that contains an assortment of functions for common debug tasks.
Message Log Opens the Message Log. This is where errors or warnings from the Editor will go.
Output Log Opens the Output Log. If you are debugging something using Print it will appear here.
Visual Logger Opens the Visual Logger . A tool to help you debug and fine-tune AI in your projects.
Class Viewer Opens the Class Viewer . Displays a hierarchical list of classes used by the editor.
Device Manager Opens the Device Manager.
Device Profiles Opens the Device Profiles tool. Allows you to manage device-specific configurations inside your project.
Merge Actors Opens the Merge Actors tool.
Pixel Inspector Opens the Pixel Inspector . Provides information about a specific Pixel from a viewport.
Session Frontend Opens the Session Frontend tool. Multipurpose tool used for daily game development (prepping builds, deployment, launching).
Widget Reflector Opens the Widget Reflector.