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Unreal Editor Interface

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The Basics

If you are new to the editor, it will be useful to acquaint yourself with a few basic concepts regarding the user interface and general workflow. Below are a few primary topics to get your feet wet if you are just starting out.

Editors, Browsers, and Tools

Not every part of Unreal Editor is exposed by default, as it would simply require too much screen space to show everything. Some parts only show themselves when you attempt to edit a certain type of asset. Others become available when trying to change specific types of properties. Still others exist as ways to make it easier to perform certain operations, such as bringing assets into your levels and environments.



Project and Asset Access

Whether you need to find a particular asset for placement into your levels, or perhaps just get a list of all of the assets available for your project, the following tools will help you stay in touch with all of the objects that are at your disposal.

Property Editing

UE4 offers a variety of means to edit the properties of the Actors in your levels. Below are the typically used tools to access and edit those properties.

Settings and Preferences

In these panels, you can find the settings you need in order to customize editor behavior to suit your project.

Video Tutorials