Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code

Prerequisite Topics

This page assumes you have prior knowledge of the following topics. Please read them before proceeding.

Source code for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) can be downloaded by our subscribers from the Unreal Engine GitHub repository. Before you can access the repository , you must be an Unreal Engine subscriber with a GitHub account. For instructions on associating your GitHub account with your Unreal Engine account, visit the UE4 on GitHub page.

Source Code Branches

You'll notice that we've published UE4's source code in three rolling branches.


Release Branch

The release branch is extensively tested by our QA team and makes a great starting point for learning UE4 or making Unreal games. We work hard to stabilize this branch with the goal of releasing new builds every one to two months.

Promoted Branch

The promoted branch is updated with builds for use by our designers and artists. We try to update this branch daily so that our subscribers have access to UE4's latest stable features. This branch is a great place to learn how feature development works in UE4.

Master Branch

Because the master branch contains cutting-edge technology, UE4 isn't guaranteed to compile from source.

The master branch tracks live changes being made by our engine team. Our experienced subscribers typically work from this branch when they want to work in tandem with UE4's developers.

Other branches may appear from time-to-time as we work to stabilize new releases or hotfixes.

Next Steps

Subscribers can download Unreal Engine's source code in one of two ways:

This page shows subscribers how to download and build Unreal Engine from our source code repository on GitHub. If you'd like to download the binary version of Unreal Engine, read our Installing Unreal Engine documentation to learn how to Get Unreal .