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2. Gear VR Project Setup

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  1. Once the project has finished being created and compiled, Visual Studio will automatically open (if already installed) along with the editor.


    If you are using Unreal Engine 4.8 or later and a Blueprint based project, Visual Studio will not open up as it is not needed.

  2. Once the UE4 Editor has loaded, from the Main Toolbar, open the Edit tab and select the Plugins menu.

  3. From the Plugins menu, go to the Virtual Reality section, disable the Oculus option, and enable the Gear VR option. Then, click the Restart Now button to re-start the editor so the changes can take place.


  4. Once the Editor has re-started, select Edit from the Main Toolbar, select Project Settings and click the Configure Now button for Android support in the APKPacking section.

  5. Next, change the Minimum SDK Version and the Target SDK Version from 9 to 19.


  6. Next, scroll down till you see the Configure the Android Manifest for deployment to Gear VR checkbox and enable it.

    This step is of vital importance as without this on your project will not be able to run on the Gear VR Headset.


  7. Next, under the Android SDK section, fill-in the location of the required Android SDK files on your development PC. You can find the needed folders in the location where you installed the Tegra files.

    If you have already installed CodeWorks for Android 1R6, this information should be already filled in for you. The only reason that you should change something here is if the information is missing or pointing to the wrong location.


  8. Finally, under File > Package Project > Packing Settings, un-check Full Rebuild to help speed up iteration times.

    Remember to Re-Enable this option when your project is ready for its final publish to ensure that your project will work as intended on the Gear VR Headset.

End Result

When completed you will now have a UE4 project that is ready to be built, deployed and viewed on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.