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2. Install the Oculus Runtime

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In this section we will go over how to install the Oculus runtimes as well as how to resolve any issues that might come up during the install process.

You will need to be connected to the internet for 30 to 60 minutes while the Oculus runtimes are installing.

  1. Once the Oculus Rift runtimes have finished downloading, locate the OculusSetup.exe and double - click on it to begin the install.


  2. Once the Oculus Rift installer has opened, press the Let's Go button to begin the install.


  3. If you agree with the privacy policy and terms of service press the Agree button to move on to the next install step.


  4. Read the Health & Safety Warning message and if you agree to it, click on the I Understand button to be taken to the next install step.


  5. Press the Install Now button to install the Oculus runtimes on your C: drive.


    If you do not have room on your C drive or you want to change the location of the install, press the Change Drive button to change which hard drive the Oculus runtimes will be installed to.

  6. The Oculus Rift runtimes will now be downloaded and installed to your PC.


  7. During the install process you will be asked to install device software from Oculus VR, LLC. When this is displayed, press the Install button to continue the installation.