1. SteamVR Initial Setup

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In the following section we will take a look at how to get SteamVR setup so that it will work with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

With each SteamVR development kit Valve has provide detailed instructions that will show you how to correctly set everything up. If you have not read this document please do so before going any further as the following information is not a substitute for the information contained in the document created by Valve.

  1. Make sure to clear a 12ft x 9ft / 4m x 3m area of all objects that you could trip over or hit while you are using SteamVR.

  2. Ensure that the Vive Head Mounted Display (HMD), Steam Controllers, Breakout Box, and Lighthouse Base stations are all unpacked, powered on, connected and setup according the the instruction provide by Valve.

  3. If you have not done so already, download and install the Steam Client on your development PC.

  4. To install the SteamVR tools, use your mouse to hover over the Steam Library option and from the menu that is displayed, select the Tools option.


  5. Once you are in the Tools section, search for SteamVR using the search bar at the top. Once SteamVR is located, double click on it to download and install it.


    You can also install SteamVR by clicking on the VR icon that is located on the upper right hand corner of the Steam Client and follow the instructions on the screen. T_SteamVR_Icon_Install.png

  6. Double-clicking on the SteamVR option in the Tools menu will launch the SteamVR tools as shown in the image below.


    When SteamVR shows all devices in green like in the image above that means everything is working correctly. If a device that shows up in grey then there is a problem with that device. SteamVR will tell you what is wrong with a greyed out device and possible fixes if you hover your mouse over the greyed out device.

  7. Before you can use SteamVR with UE4 you must setup the SteamVR interaction area. To do this, Right - click on the SteamVR window and select the Run Room Setup and follow the provided directions to setup the SteamVR interaction area.