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Automation System Overview

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The Automation System provides the ability to perform Unit Testing, Feature Testing, and Content Stress Testing using the power of the Unreal Message Bus in order to increase stability.

The Automation system works by performing one or more automation tests. Automation tests can be broken down into different categories depending on their purpose or function:

Unit Test

API level verification tests. See TimespanTest.cpp or DateTimeTest.cpp for examples.

Feature Tests

System level verification tests such as verify PIE works, verify in-game stats work, and verify changing resolution works. See EditorAutomationTests.cpp or EngineAutomationTests.cpp for examples.

Smoke Tests

Smoke Tests are just considered a speed promise by the implementer. They are intended to be fast so they can run everytime the editor, game, or a commandlet starts. They are also selected by default in the UI .

All Smoke tests are intended to complete within 1 second. Only mark Unit Tests or fast Feature Tests as Smoke Tests.

Content Stress Tests

More thorough testing of a particular system to avoid crashes, such as loading all maps or loading and compiling all blueprints. See EditorAutomationTests.cpp or EngineAutomationTests.cpp for examples.

Screen Shot Comparison

The Screen Shot Comparison tool enables QA to quickly compare screenshots to identify potential rendering issues. Screen Shot tool reference .