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Screen Shot Comparison User Guide

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The screenshot browser tool allows QA to quickly and easily compare screenshots. The screenshots are generated via an automation test, and can be viewed in the Unreal Frontend tool. A history of screenshots is maintained, so QA can compare the latest screenshots to a history, and identify any obvious rendering errors with the latest build.

Creating Screen Shots

Start a standalone game instance

For example, start EmptyGameEditor with the commandline parameters: EmptyGame -Game. However, any standalone game should work.

Load the Unreal Frontend app

This is an external app, and can be found under UE4/Engine/Binaries/Win64:

Select the session from the session Frontend tab

As shown below, this will be named Unnamed Session for the local game you have just started.

Run the test

Deselect all other tests, and select the Performance Capture test. Run the test by clicking the run button. This will start an automation test that takes screenshots from various positions in the AutomationTest map.


Viewing Screen Shots

As the screenshots are being captured, they will be sent to the Unreal Frontend app that requested the test. Then the UI will update automatically when it receives a new screenshot.

Select Screen Comparison from the Session Frontend's Window menu

This will display a UI that updates as it receives images.

UI Navigation

Screenshots are shown in capture order based off the change list number that was used when the images were generated. The latest screen is shown on the left, and is locked in place. You can scroll through the history of each view using the scroll bars.

UI Filtering

You can use the filter bars at the top to filter by screenshot name and / or platform type.


  • Screenshots are stored in the Engine\Programs\UnrealFrontend\Saved\Automation\AutomationTest directory, and need to be manually deleted if you wish to remove them from the viewer.