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Live Training - Creating Semi Procedural Materials

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Ryan Brucks has a whole new project to show all of the Material Editor fans out there. Run through some examples with Ryan as he makes modifiable materials that can be used for many purposes. Then he's showing how to bake them out and how you can use a render target to preview certain things like Parallax mapping while tweaking them.

Also check out the above links for more of Ryan's notes and tips. The Merge Material issue at 29:30 is resolved and not a bug.

[00:00:20]Explaining the Procedural Materials
[00:01:50]BrickAndTile Material Function
[00:07:09]Explaining UV Coordinates
[00:09:00]Randomizing and Controlling the UV cells
[00:14:10]Creating a Normal Map in a Function
[00:17:00]Examples of Uses for Procedural Materials
[00:19:00]Detailed Parameter Controls
[00:25:50]Blueprint Function for Blending Multiple Materials
[00:28:25]Baking Out Textures
[00:38:40]Blutility for Bake Render Targets
[00:48:30]Interior Cube Function

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