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Live Training - Blueprint Line & Shape Traces

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Ian and Alexander cover a number of ways available in Unreal Engine 4 to trace/ray cast. Tracing is an integral part of gaining information about the level, state of Actors, or even gettinga reference to an Actor at a location. Beyond this, traces that return everything they hit can be leveraged to determine anything from the number of walls around an object to a target location to if a character can fit through a gap.

[00:01:30] Getting Started
[00:06:25] Channel Traces
[00:13:10] Multi Channel Traces
[00:17:00] Creating New Collision Channels
[00:20:07] Object Traces
[00:24:56] Shape Traces
[00:34:58] Cost & Profiling
[00:55:07] Pushing the System
[01:00:28] Q&A