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Live Training - Getting Started with C++

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Richard Hinckley is joining us for this livestream to help ease new programmers into using UE4's personal flavor of C++. Over the past couple of years, Epic has released a lot of C++ content and tutorials that are specifically built for people familiar with coding to begin with, but now we're getting back to basics! What is up with Garbage Collection? How do I make and expose a function to Blueprints? How do Blueprints fit into all of this anyway? These questions and much more will be answered! Also make sure to throw in your beginner questions below so we can answer them live. Be sure to also check out our documentation and wiki articles on C++!


[00:04:05]Difference between Cpp and H files
[00:09:35]Includes and UE4 Uproperty specifics
[00:16:02]Blueprint Pure nodes
[00:28:40]Double precision float
[00:31:18]Memory and Pointers
[00:46:27]Memory Leaks and Garbage Collection
[00:55:45]Static Variables
[00:58:55]References and Instances