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Live Training - World Position Offset Effects

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Series: Live Training
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Alan Willard is taking over the stream to drop knowledge and provide guidance from the perspective of a tech artist. He demonstrates how to use world position offsets to create effects for "erasing" characters before deleting them. He also answers a series of questions from the live chat.

[00:00:54] World Position Offset
[00:04:04] Creating a Wipe Radius for the effect
[00:13:15] "Does this affect collision?"
[00:15:33] "Could you have multiple origin points [the demo] could get sucked in and out of?"
[00:17:45] Opacity Dither
[00:22:18] "Can you do this with other forms of AA?"
[00:33:44] Erasing Into the Character
[00:36:10] Controlling the Colors of Back-Faces
[00:43:27] Erasing Instances at their Position
[00:58:37] Final Q&A