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Live Training - Robo Recall Sequencer Cinematics

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Robo Recall is a spectacle of VR innovation, but it also has fun cinematic moments that are driven by UE4's Sequencer. Grayson Edge is joining us for this stream to open up and explain how you too can design your cinematics for AAA quality. Come on by the stream to learn all about camera work, previsualization, sequencer events, audio decisions and more!

[00:00:00] Intro
[00:00:37] History of Robo Recall's Intro Cinematic
[00:02:01] Images from the early builds
[00:09:30] Final Version in Robo Recall Mod Editor
[00:16:44] Camera Setup
[00:23:06] Animation and Mocap
[00:28:45] Previs Cinematics
[00:34:42] New Caster in Video VO
[00:35:30] Audio Cues
[00:42:26] Mocap Drift Corrections
[00:47:18] Emitters
[00:53:24] Live Sequence Capture
[00:56:30] Q&A
[01:09:37] Outro