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Live Training - Spline Importing

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Alan Noon is back in action to talk about his techniques for getting the best results from exporting and importing splines from 3DSMax into UE4. Alan has created a custom exporting pipeline with some script and is going to walk through how it works and how you can do it yourself. If you are a 3D modeler or a developer who uses splines, you will want to tune in for this enlightening stream.

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[00:00:00] Intro and History
[00:01:27] The Script
[00:03:17] Creating and Exporting an Example
[00:05:00] Bringing it into UE4
[00:09:30] Adding the Spline to a BP
[00:12:00] Spline Blueprint
[00:23:30] Limitations
[00:28:00] Future Work
[00:28:52] Q&A

Watch us live on Twitch at 2PM EST, Tuesdays and Thursdays at