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Live Training - Getting Started with Landscapes Materials and Foliage

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Andrew Hurley is back and ready to continue exploring landscape development in this follow-up to his Getting Started with Landscapes guide. As he builds his materials and places foliage, you can expect to hear a lot of sage advice on developing for all kinds of projects, big and small. If you're interested in getting started with landscape materials and foliage or just want a quick refresh, this is the stream for you!

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[00:00:00] Intro & Summary
[00:01:00] Summary
[00:02:30] Foliage Lighting & Materials
[00:09:35] Per Instance Fade Amount & Performance
[00:16:25] Painted Foliage
[00:25:15] Select Tool
[00:30:00] Open World Level Design
[00:31:00] Grass Node in Material Editor
[00:35:30] Looking at Rendering Density
[00:39:30] Grass Node Caveats
[00:44:40] Procedural Foliage Volume
[00:53:50] Q&A