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Live Training - Getting Started with Landscapes

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Creating an environment in UE4 is easy! In this video, Andrew Hurley will show you how to start a new landscape and then he'll walk through the myriad of tools at your disposal. While going through the basics, you can expect to hear a lot of cool tips and tricks to getting more quality out of your scenes. If you're just getting started with landscape editing or if you are an old pro who is looking for some new techniques, this is the stream for you!

[00:00:00] Intro
[00:02:00] Getting Started & Documentation
[00:04:07] Making A New Project & Adding Starter Content
[00:06:35] Debugging Commands & Console Variables
[00:09:33] Landscape Creation
[00:15:33] Set Up and Basic Lighting
[00:18:25] Mesh Drawcalls Explained
[00:22:05] Going Back and Adding a Skylight
[00:24:58] Sculpting Tools and Brushes
[00:44:23] Copy and Paste tool
[00:46:23] Mirror tool
[00:48:25] Landscape Material Creation (Requires Starter Content)
[00:52:40] Material Explained
[00:57:15] Applying the Material
[01:00:57] Fill Layer
[01:01:50] Material Instance
[01:02:29] Painting Layers & Layer Limitations
[01:07:10] Layer Blending & Tessellation
[01:13:30] Debugging Displacement Issues
[01:15:43] Cutting Out Holes For Caves
[01:16:40] Breaking Up Tiling and Level of Detail
[01:20:40] Q&A