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Live Training - Replication

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Ryan Gerleve, Sr Engine Programmer at Epic Games, dropped in to break down and explain UE4's replication. Be ready for some high-level insight and some quick examples about how Epic Games gets multiplayer running.

Project not included in this one, we just modified a First-Person & Third-Person template.

[00:00:00] Intro
[00:00:25] Example Project Summary
[00:02:05] Testing A Project With Minimal Replication
[00:03:55] Adding the 3rd Person Mesh
[00:07:53] Adding the Rifle
[00:12:30] Replicating Physics on Server
[00:16:20] Replicating Projectile on Server
[00:32:35] Testing It All
[00:38:03] Q&A
[01:19:35] Outro