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Live Training - Getting Started with AI

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Mieszko Zilenski is back in action with Alexander to talk about how to get set up in UE4 with basic gameplay AI. We will be covering how to set up AI Controllers to properly handle your Behavior Trees and then set up a small interaction between AI. This will be 100% in Blueprint, so no coding experience is required. By the end of this stream, you will have an AI in a scene that can see, identify, navigate and interact entirely without interference from the player.

[00:03:10]Creating a Project
[00:04:10]Nav Mesh Bounds Volume
[00:10:55]Making a "Use" animation/montage
[00:14:40]Blueprint Interface
[00:20:25]Character Blueprint and Use Functions
[00:32:10]Behavior Tree
[00:35:40]AI Controller
[00:48:45]Find Random Location Task
[00:54:10]Add "Use Object" to Behavior Tree
[00:58:50]Add AIPerception to AIController
[01:08:50]Add Decorator to Behavior Tree
[01:11:40]Use Task
[01:18:30]Add "Use Object" to Behavior Tree