Antique Mechanisms SFX Library

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Antique Mechanisms sound effects library

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Vintage Machine Sounds

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Every so often a sound effect library lands that you wish you'd had for all your past projects.

Don't miss out this time!

The sound enthusiast in you will love to know that we scoured around the city/internet to collect a bunch of antique mechanistic objects for this sound collection. We even scored an old classic Brother typewriter and a working antique pedal sewing machine! The gears and mechanisms in this odd assortment of old machines is from a beautiful and rich bygone era of manual movement, of strange and fascinating ideas from inventors creating moving parts that are simply unproducable in modern day gadgets.

Your ears spring to life as you listen through, one by one through these highly detailed and engrossing audio recordings that capture brilliantly the foreground and mid-ground layers of the small moving parts. Perfect for older weapon Foley, for steam-punk machines, period piece machines, industrial era machinery, and on and on. A small vintage gear crank, that special metallic rich clickety-clack of a dusty old mechanism, the ribbon typewriter scrolling...

To get the most out of this collection of old mechanisms, we used a multi-positional close mic-ing approach for these in order to get all those tiny moving details. Of course, they required that they be captured in our smallest studio used for precisely these low-noise environment sort of recordings - key in bringing the detailed three-dimensional quality of these mechanisms to life.

As sound designers, we always need new, better, varied material. We want to feel excited by and connected to the sounds we use - enjoy and make it yours!

Adding Machine. Sewing Machine. Protectograph. Vintage Cigarette Machine. Two Typewriters.


Old Weapon Foley. Steam-Punk Mechanisms. Turn of Century Gadgets. Industrial Era Moving Parts etc etc...

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Files: 357 Stereo

Size: 184 MB

Format: WAV 44.1 khz, 16 bit