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Fantasy Worlds: Interactive Game Music Loops

ESM Team - Music - May 19, 2022
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Fantasy Worlds - Interactive Game Music Loops is an imaginative and beautifully hand crafted game music loop library.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Audio Demo

Fantasy Worlds - Interactive Game Music Loops is an imaginative and beautifully hand crafted game music loop library featuring 200+ cinematic game soundtrack loops helping you paint video game worlds with vibrance and allow you to create climactic moments thru music and logic. The music is specially designed with game developers' and interactive music in mind. Inside you’ll see and hear useful variations of music loops that create cohesive story telling, immersion as well as levels of intensity, layers, branches that give you paramount musical variability.

  • 214 music loops
  • 4.08 GB of music
  • Each loop includes alt versions
  • All in 44k 16bit .wav audio file format
  • Interactive Music Loops For Fantasy Games

Fantasy Worlds - Interactive Game Music Loops is inspired by hit computer games fantasy MMORPG and created by film & game composer, Tobias Weiss. Teamed up with Epic Stock Media, Tobias painstakingly produced over 6 hours of specialty music loops for game developers so that they can have focused immersive interactive music for their games. Inside you’ll hear dynamic layers, and branches of music that connect to one another seamlessly. The main focus of this library was creating valuable battle themes, locations, main themes and story events which are mainly emotion based soundtracks. This collection of imaginative, creative and professionally designed music loops will help your fantasy world come to life.

Multiple Variations Of Each Loop

With Fantasy Worlds: Interactive Game Music Loops, you have the power to build your very own powerful & cinematic score for your games soundtrack exactly how you want it. Each soundtrack comes with multiple variations of each loop so you can control the level of intensity & cadence in your video games soundtrack. Having versions of a loop will help you bring maximum player immersion and design interactive music within your production. Each music loop is generally around 1.5-2.5 minutes in length so that it doesn't get boring.

Soundminer Metadata 

All music loop labeling is organized into categories to make it easier to navigate with understandable folder structures and musical genres such as: Battle Themes, Locations, Main Themes, Story Events. Castles, Dungeons, Port, Plains, Town, Swamp, Village, Forest, Training Grounds, Boss Area, Harbor, Desert, Snow Area, Tutorial Music and much more. On top of being UCS compliant, Fantasy World Interactive Game Music Loops features extensive metadata embedded in the files using soundminer metadata to help you find the right sound at the right time. You will find no shortage of music to help tell the story of any scene in need. Stop searching for more loops and add this collection to your sound bank and get started on completing your project today!

Product Details:

  • 214 music loops
  • 31 themes
  • 4.08 GB of samples
  • All in 44k 16bit .wav
  • 6 hours and 25 minutes of audio
  • Interactive Music Loops For Fantasy Games
  • Each loop includes alt versions
  • Each loop is generally 1.5-2.5 minutes long
  • Includes embedded Soundminer metadata
  • 6 Battle Themes - A
  • 9 Battle Themes - B
  • 2 Battle Themes - C
  • 6 Location - Abyss Boss Area
  • 8 Location - Capital Tournament
  • 7 Location - Castle Dungeon - A
  • 7 Location - Castle Dungeon - B
  • 11 Location - Caves - A
  • 10 Location - Caves - B
  • 7 Location - Dark Forest - Mystic 
  • 9 Location - Desert - Open Fields
  • 6 Location - Harbor Port - City
  • 7 Location - Mountains
  • 9 Location - Plains - A
  • 9 Location - Plains - B
  • 10 Location - Snow
  • 8 Location - Swamp
  • 6 Location - Town - A
  • 8 Location - Town - B
  • 7 Location - Training Grounds
  • 4 Location - Village Camp
  • 6 Location - Woods/Forest
  • 13 Main Theme - A
  • 9 Main Theme - B
  • 7 Story Event - Positive - Emotional
  • 6 Story Event - Positive - Fun
  • 4 Story Event - Sad - Mysterious
  • 10 Story Event - Tension - Danger
  • All music are youtube friendly & royalty free
  • RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box)

Technical Details


  •  214 music loops
  •  4.08 GB of music
  •  All in 44k 16bit .wav audio file format

Number of Audio Wavs: 214

Number of Audio Cues: 214

Sample rate / bit rate: 44k 16bit

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 385 Minutes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes