Stylized Nature Set

Baturinets - Props - Aug 15, 2022

A great set of stylized plants! Create your worlds however you want!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.1
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Watch the video to see all the beauty in motion: YouTube

Detailed video presentation (Include subtitles for your language): YouTube


3 different stylized bundles of grass with different density and unique material. 

  • Color change
  • Mixing multiple colors
  • Breaking up the color of the grass, with black and white texture
  • Wind animation
  • Animate wind waves
  • Adjustment of the wind force, speed and direction
  • Ability to change the appearance of wind waves with a black and white texture
  • Change the color of a wind wave


6 types of stylized trees with separate tree base material and foliage material.

  • 5 different size stylized trees
  • 1 stylized giant tree
  • Using multiple textures
  • Mixing textures via vertex paint
  • Mixing with Landscape (RVT)
  • Altering tree foliage with a black and white texture (alpha mask)
  • Adjusting the size of leaves
  • Changing the color of leaves
  • Splitting the foliage color by a gradient
  • Adding glow along the edges of all tree leaves
  • Changing the strength and color of the glow 


3 Types of stylized shrubs with tree-like foliage material. 


27 kinds of stylized flowers with wind animation.

  • 15 small flowers, different colors and shapes
  • 4 medium sized flowers with different colors 
  • 8 large flowers with different shapes and colors


11 different stylized rocks to build mountains, positioned in the landscape or just lying on the road.

  • 2 large stylized stones
  • 3 stylized medium stones
  • 3 stylized regular stones
  • 3 stylized small stones
  • Ability to use multiple textures and mix them together
  • Ability to project textures only on top of the object, creating a snow or moss effect
  • Ability to add a unique normal and base color to the object
  • Mixing with Landscape (RVT)


9 unique stylized props in Japanese style.

  • Altar
  • Arch
  • Box
  • 2 Fences
  • Sign
  • Stone Slab
  • Street lamp (Has an emissive channel)
  • Wagon
  • Mixing Props with Landscape (RVT)

Visual Effects:

5 visual effects made in niagara.

  • Butterflies. The effect of flying butterflies with the adjustment of color, speed and strength of wingbeat in the material.
  • Dust. A faintly visible dust, which creates the effect of the vividness of nature.
  • Falling leaves. Falling leaves effect, with color and leaf size adjustments via material and niagara system.
  • Flying Leaves. The effect of leaves flying in the wind, with color and size adjustments
  • Wind Lines. The effect of the wind lines, creating a sense of movement in the scene. Lines can be adjusted in color, and the strength of transparency in the material and with niagara systems.


10 materials with a large number of settings and the ability to adjust to your project

Layered material

  • 6 layers of textures.
  • Zero layer
  • Red layer
  • Green layer
  • Blue layer
  • Alpha layer
  • Unique layer
  • Ability to turn on or off unnecessary features and textures (For material optimization)
  • Vertex Paint
  • Texture Tile Tuning
  • Adjust the intensity of normal map
  • Color tint setting
  • Setting texture strength, height, and contrast 
  • Texture projection function from top to bottom, creating a fallen snow or moss effect
  • Adjusting the strength, blurring, and position of textures that are projected from top to bottom
  • Ability to use unique object textures with multiple UV channels
  • Mixing with Landscape (RVT)

Grass Material

  • Mixing of two colors in a gradient from bottom to top. Adjusting the strength of the gradient
  • Alfa texture color variation by world position
  • Adjusting texture size and color
  • Vertex wind animation
  • Adding a wind texture that appears at the world position
  • Adjusting the color, direction, speed, and strength of the wind

Flowers material

  • Can do all the same things as the grass material

Leaves Material

  • Changing the shape of leaves through alpha texture
  • Adjust leaf size
  • Adjust leaf color and gradient on all leaves at once
  • Adding a slight glow-blur on the edges of all leaves
  • Adjusting the glow-blur color
  • Wind animation
  • Adjusting the strength, speed, and intensity of the wind

Props material

  • Adding unique mesh textures
  • Emissive texture
  • Mixing with Landscape (RVT)

Landscape material

  • Using lots of textures to draw
  • Changing the texture tile

Material of wind lines

  • Wind lines are set up for niagara systems

Decal material

  • Ability to change the texture of the decals
  • Color tuning and blending via a gradient
  • color variation via alpha mask

Butterfly material

  • Color tuning 
  • Adjustment of force, speed and frequency of wingbeat

Leaf material

  • Adjusting colors by gradient
  • Roughness and reflection adjustments

Technical Details

The set includes:

  • Grass - 3
  • Trees - 6
  • Shrubs - 3
  • Flowers - 27
  • Stones - 11
  • Props - 9
  • Visual Effects - 5
  • Materials - 10
  • Material Functions - 12
  • Material instances - 41
  • Textures - 99
  • Decal - 1
  • Demo Scenes - 2


Number of unique meshes: 65

Collisions: Yes, generated by the engine

LODs: None.

Texture Resolution: 1 4096x4096 19 2048x2048 4 1024x1024 9 512x512 2 256x256

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes