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BACKGROUNDS. Fantasy set

Healer - 2D 애셋 - 2023/05/27
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Fantasy backgrounds.

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Set of 80 fantasy backgrounds for your exciting adventures. You can use it for your future visual novels, rpg games inspiration or just as your desktop wallpapers. All backgrounds are 4k PNG format, and some includes different times of the day for your immersion.

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  •  80 backgrounds, which includes:
  • 10 mystic forests;
  • 5 dark castles;
  • 5 taverns;
  • 5 dungeon entrances;
  • 5 forests with day, evening and night versions;
  • 5 city streets with day, evening and night versions;
  • 5 villages with day, evening and night versions;
  • 5 castles with day and night versions.

Number of Textures: 80

Texture Resolutions: 3840x2160, 300 dpi.

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Important/Additional Notes: All images are AI generated, so few of them present some generation artefacts. I own a model license and the copyright, so you can use all of the backgrounds as you wish. Also, I did small adjusments in art and created a day, evening and night versions by hand.