CSW Flipbook for Widgets

Paper Flipbook animations for UMG Widgets.

  • 지원 플랫폼
  • 지원 엔진 버전
    4.19 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.2
  • 다운로드 유형
    에셋 팩
    이 제품은 기존 프로젝트에 임포트 가능한 언리얼 엔진 에셋의 모음을 포함하고 있습니다.

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100% made in Blueprints.

The CSW Flipbook Widget asset gives you the ability to use Flipbook animations in UMG Widget Blueprints.

This widget will obtain the information from a Paper Flipbook asset and use that info to play the animation. This means that the widget will play the animation exactly as how it's defined in the Flipbook asset (Key frames, frames per-second, etc.).

Legal Information:

  • The textures used in this product were obtained from kenney.nl

기술적 세부사항


  •  Flipbook support for UMG Widgets.
  •  The flipbook widget plays the animation exactly as how it's defined in the Paper Flipbook asset.
  •  Customization parameters exposed for modifying the appearance of the Flipbook.
  • Customization parameters exposed for modifying the play-rate of the animation.
  • Exposed functions for Pausing, Playing and Restarting the animation.
  • Made in Blueprints and well commented.

Number of Blueprints: 2. (+1 for the examples)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows. (Should work on any other dev platform)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Android. (Should work on any other platform)

Documentation: Link