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Fully Customizable Enemy Spawn System (Multiplayer Support)

This is a spawn system with many different settings (wave system, AI spawn, Limit of AI in a Game, Open World Spawn,...)

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The most comprehensive Wave based enemy spawning system that is constantly being expanded with new functions

Update patch notes 1.5:

  • Even easier AI integration with the new Blueprint "AIComponent".
  • Setting how far the Max Random walk Distance of the AI may be in Open World.

  • Simple to use
  • Setup for Singleplayer & Multiplayer
  • Easy integration into any project
  • Only takes under 2 minutes to setup
  • Adjust each spawn box individually in a level
  • Easily reused across multiple projects

Demo Project:

Setup tutorial:

AI Integration:

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  •  Random Spawn AI in Radius
  • Works in Singleplayer & Multiplayer
  •  You can put Multiple Spawn boxes in the World
  •  Customize Every Spawn box in the World
  • Choose Spawn-Box or Spawn-Sphere
  • Choose number of ai to spawn per Wave
  • Choose Maximum number of AI at the same time in the World
  • Choose spawn AI near the Character or Random in the World
  • Choose Enemy run to Character or walk random around
  • Set Enemy Life
  • Choose Enemy Life Multiply after Round
  • Choose Enemy Spawn Intensity
  • Set Enemy Spawn Intensity Every Round
  • Choose Enemy Spawn number per Players
  • Delay for Spawn AI
  • Delay for the Next Wave
  • Wave system
  • Max Waves or Unlimit
  • you can increase the number of the AI every Wave
  • Minimal Spawn distance to Character
  • Maximum Spawn distance to Character
  • Choose Max Random walk Distance of the AI in Open World.
  • Include a Simple AI

Number of Blueprints: 9

Network Replicated: yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows